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Psychic Asha

Hello I am Asha, and I would love to help you connect with your deeper journey in life.


As a natural empath and psychic, I have developed my abilities through listening passionately to the deep multi-dimensional wisdom within nature and recognising in awe, the infinitely beauteous expressions of our being. I listen in the same profound and deeply guided way to each client, and I am always in awe at the uniquely magnificent brilliance and wondrous beauty of each person.


My readings are born of a spiritual, compassionate, and inspirationally positive perspective. I have come to realise that true answers come from a place of unconditional love, a compassionate source, where such answers always speak to your heart, reminding you of your infinite freedom and your infinite, loving connection to all life. Our keys to happiness are already within us.


I look within your vast talents, your life desires, your inner quests, your yearnings and your ways of expression and connect to your deeper journey, your eternally valid and wondrous journey in becoming all you are. I will endeavour to help you at a profound, positive and inspirational level to know the joy of your being and see your way to happiness.


I have had a lifetime filled with psychic, paranormal and deeper worldly experiences and demonstrate strong skills in:


• Clairvoyance

• Clairsentience

• Numerology

• Mediumship

• Channeling

• Automatic Writing

• Psychometry

• Pet Psychic

• Reiki

• Counselling


At a very early age, I have always been aware of my psychic abilities receiving metaphysical guidance and profound paranormal experiences. I understood there was a deeper meaning to our being which could be known in communion with nature, through spiritual teachers and by simply seeking. As such, I have a thirst for wisdom always.


I had thought everyone had such experiences and that everyone also was after finding the deeper truth. It was not until I was around eleven that I found out my abilities were frowned upon in the concrete world. This led me on a path of deeper trust, and when you follow that path, there is always help.


If you would like a reading from me please use my ID No. 2038.

Image of Psychic Asha

Country: AU

Starsign: Libra

ID Code: 2038

(Higher rate for calls from a pay phone and mobile phone,callucopia)

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Sun 20th Apr                                                
Mon 21st Apr                                                
Tue 22nd Apr                                                
Wed 23rd Apr                                                
Thu 24th Apr                                                
Fri 25th Apr                                                
Sat 26th Apr                                                

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I enjoyed talking to Asha. She was very easy to talk to and she helped me. Thank you Asha.

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