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Welcome to Soul Secrets

Total Available Readers: 10

Joan is Available

Psychic Joan has many years experience reading and speaks English and Italian. Joan would love to help you discover new inspirations and insights in your life. Her psychic skills include mediumship, channelling, tarot cards, numerology and spiritual healing. Call her now to put your mind at ease.

Code: 2044

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Asha is Available

Psychic Asha has provided psychic services for more than 33 years and has a wealth of experience. Her psychic skills include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, channelling, mediumship, numerology and counselling. Call her today for an intelligent and insightful reading.

Code: 2038

Maria is Available

Psychic Maria has been a passionate psychic for many years. Her mission is to guide you towards helping you achieve your dreams in love, relationships, finance, career. Maria's specialities include clairsentience, mediumship, tarot card reading, angel practices and spiritual counselling. Call her today for an empowering reading.

Code: 2024

Robyn is Available

Several near death experiences have given Robyn a great affinity with the 'other side'. Her skills include mediumship, channelling, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, dream interpretation, crystal healing, numerology and spiritual counselling, Call Robyn now for a no nonsense reading.

Code: 00160

Thomas is Available

Psychic Thomas will help you with the guidance of Spirit by tapping into the centre of the issue with depth and insight. His skills include crystal ball scrying, tarot, spiritual counselling and mediumship. Ladies, why not get a man's perspective? Call Thomas for an insightful reading from a gentle man with a clear vision.

Code: 2020

Janet is Available

Janet is an amazing reader who has been reading with us since 2002. She specialises in clairvoyance, mediumship, crystal and spiritual healing, automatic writing, dream interpretation, reiki, relationships and pet readings. Janet is extremely popular. Book her early to avoid missing out. You will not be disappointed.

Code: 03107

Vilma is Available

Psychic Vilma comes to us with many years of international experience and speaks fluent Spanish too. Using her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, tarot and dream interpretation, Vilma can provide you real insight into your situation and can see spirit and past lives. You will enjoy Vilma's reading style. Call her today!

Code: 2014

Lily is Speaking

Psychic Lily is an extremely popular reader. She's an Aussie living in California and has a host of regular customers who appreciate her psychic talents which include: mediumship, clairvoyance, tarot, crystal healing and spiritual counselling. Call her now for a compassionate and non-judgmental reading.

Code: 03971

Bev is Speaking

Bev is another popular and very experienced reader who also writes astrology for her local newspaper. Bev loves to help others find personal empowerment and wellbeing through tarot, astrology and spiritual healing. Call now for superlative guidance and perspective in your current situation.

Code: 2001

Celeste is Speaking

Celeste has been working with Spirit all her life and is highly gifted in many psychic specialties including clairvoyance, channelling, mediumship, tarot, angel cards, numerology, lost and found and absent healing. See her testimonials page about her accuracy. Call Celeste now for a reading that will uplift you.

Code: 2025